市霸奇奇 SUPAKITCH ( b.1978)

Supakitch was born in Paris in 1978, taking influence from street culture, music and Pop art his unique and bold artistic style is easily distinguished. His fame peaked when his graffiti became wildly recognized as SupArt. Coming from graffiti movement, he dared to mix various techniques in the street, including, spray, brush, acrylic paint, collage, silkscreen and more exploring the theme of music. In 2007, he immigrated to New York where he collaborated with many well-known brands of various fields. As a multidisciplinary artist, he also integrates element of tattoo in his artworks. Important exhibition includes: “Supakitch & Koralie” (2005, Galerie L’Abstrait, Toulouse, France); “In Front of the Wall” (2007, Galerie Wall, Orleans, France); “I was Born to be Different” (2010, Galerie Elegance, Taiwan). His works were exhibited in Paris, New York, Beijing, Brazil, Miami and other major cities. 

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