席德進 SHIY DEJINN (1923-1981)

Shiy Dejinn was born in Sichuan, China. He started attending Chengdu Provincial Technical College in 1941, where he was learned from artist Pang Xunqin. In 1945 he enrolled in Chongqing National Art College, and was taught by master Lin Fengmian. In 1948, he moved to Taiwan to teach at the Provincial Secoundary School. In 1957 he held his first solo exhibition in Taipei. His work “Selling Geese” won the Brazil Sao Paulo Biennale Award. In 1962, Shiy Dejinn and Liao Chichun received invitations from the U.S. State Department to visit America. He later continued his travel to Europe, where he was inspired to create more. During this period, he held solo exhibitions in Washington, Paris and Hong Kong. In 1966, he returned to Taiwan to teach at Tamkang University and National Taipei Normal University. In 1975 he he won the Chungshan Literary Prize Award. For the rest of his life, he dedicated fully to promote and research Art in Taiwan. He frequently held solo exhibitions at the Taipei Artist Gallery, Taipei Longmen Gallery, Taipei and Kaohsiung United Stated Information Office. His late exhibitions include: “Ode to Formosa: Exhibition in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Deceased Master Shiy De-jinn” (2011, Nation Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts); “Beauty into Truth: Shiy De-Jinn’s World of Painting” (2016, Taiwan Soka Assoiciation, Zhi Shan Art Center). Publications include: “Shiy Dejinn Sketch Series”, “The Echo of Shi Dejinn”, “Into the European and American Art Scene: Shiy Dejinn” “Shiy Dejinn Art Catalogues” and more.

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