陳流 CHEN LIU (b.1973)

Chen Liu was born in Yunnan, China. He is currently a professor at Yunnan Arts Institute. He graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design, and received the Hirayama Scholarship and Gold Prize in Japanese International Fuji Art Competition. In 2005, his work “Old Tree, Old Road” received first place in the National Minority Art Exhibition and his other works were also nominated by the National Art Exhibition of the People’s Republic of China. His solo exhibitions include: "Watercolor Paintings of Chen Liu" (2004, Kunming, China); "Segments-Oil Paintings of Chen Liu" (2004, Kunming, China); “Ecology and Surrealism: Chen Liu Solo Exhibition” (2011, Singapore); “Undoing Shuimo: International” Contemporary Shuimo Invitation Exhibition" (2012, Shanghai); “Taipei Art Fair" (2012, Taipei); “Art Beijing" (2013, Beijing). He also released the following publication "Chenliu Water Color Paintings” (2001) and “Segment, Chenliu Art Works” (2004).

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