林惺嶽 LIN HSINGYUEH (b.1939)

Lin Hsing Yueh was born in Taichung, Taiwan. He graduated from the Fine Arts department of Taiwan National Normal University in 1965 and traveled to Spain in 1975. He is accomplished as an artist, educator, cultural critic and writer of art history and poetry. His artworks portray the magnificent and vigorous landscape of Taiwan, his profound, incisive creations have made him one of the most dazzling, resonant, powerful voices of his generation, thus, receiving the name “Protector of Taiwanese Art.” He later taught at his alma mater. His publications include “40 Years of Influential Taiwanese Art,”100 years of History in Chinese Oil Painting,” “To Tide Over a Chopping Environment of Art in Taiwan” and more. He was invited to host solo exhibition and art lecture in France, United States, Japan, Australia, Argentina, China and more. Currently, more than 200 paintings by Lin is in the collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum and National Taiwan Museum of History. The large scale, magnificent works “Reclining Land” and “The First Golden Light” adorned the lobby of the Presidential Office Building.  His solo exhibition includes, “Solo Exhibition” (1977, ARRAU Culture Center, Switzerland); “Solo Exhibition” (1981, La Plata Museum, Argentina); “Solo Exhibition” (1987, Argentina, Museum of Contemporary Arts); “Back to the Root: A Retrospective Exhibitionof Hsin Yueh-Lin” (2007, National Taiwan Museum of History, Taichung); “Enchanting Taiwan” (2013, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan).

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