曹小冬 CAO XIAODONG (b.1961)

Born in Jiansu, China, Cao Xiaodong graduated from College of Industrial Design, Jiangnan University, and currently lives in Beijing. Early on, Cao focused on oil painting, then he turned to create spot abstract paintings, while also being engaged in conceptual photography. His works embody personal private memory, and showcase the quality and spirit of the times and individuals. Cao has participated in or held exhibitions including Attitude II Exhibition (2007, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai), “Save Image As” Cao Xiaodong Oil Painting Solo Exhibition (2007, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing), “Cao Xiaodong” Solo Exhibition (2009, EGG Gallery, Beijing), “Visible Soul – The Fourth Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition” (2011, PIFO Gallery, Beijing), and “Behind the Appearance” (2014, EGG Gallery, Beijing). Through continued experimentations, Cao searches for the essence of painting, and his exploration of artistic vocabulary has enriched the expressions of Chinese contemporary art. Cao absorbs traditions and history, and attempts to find the spiritual home for the modern society.

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