席時斌 HSI SHIHPIN (b.1977)

Hsi Shih Pin was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He received a MFA degree with a major in Plastic Arts from Taipei National University of the Arts. Hsi is good at selecting basic structure and form from daily objects. Through the technique of constriction/ destruction, he creates covert and peculiar forms and spaces; moreover, he reveals the paradox thinking of construction and abolition by using the spiritual technique of classic drill and the creation loop of nature interpretation. With this method, he hopes to represent the new form of contemporary sculptures in this digital era. His distinctive presentation in plastic arts has led him to participate in many times of Public space improvement projects, environmental art plans and international artist-in-residence programs for years. He received selected Awards of Taipei Awards 2010 and Kaohsiung Awards 2008, and 2007 Outstanding Art Work Prize of Fine Arts Department, Taipei National University of the Arts. Important solo exhibitions include “The Memory Palace” (2014, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei); “Circusmaximus” (2015, Soka Art Center, Beijing); “Hsi Shih-Pin Three” (2017, Soka Art Center, Taipei).

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