廖繼春 LIAO CHICHUN (1902-1976)

Born in Taichung, Liao was accepted into National Taiwan Normal University in 1918. He first encountered oil painting at the Taichung Park in 1919; it was this experience that influenced him in becoming an artist. He graduated from the Taipei Normal University in 1922, and continued his study at the Tokyo Fine Arts College. When he returned to Taiwan, he taught at the Tainan Senior Church Group; in the same year, he co-founded the “Ruddy-Island Association”. He continued to exhibit in imperial Exhibitions and Provincial Art Exhibitions. He co-founded the “Taiyang Art Association” in 1934 with his artist friends. In 1947, Liao took up a teaching position at the Taiwan Normal College where he remained until his retirement. In 1957, his students under his encouragement and support founded the “Fifth Moon Association.” In 1960, he was frequently invited to various venues as a visiting artist and held numerous exhibitions abroad. Liao received the Golden Cup Award for Chinese Painting from the Chinese Painting Society and the Sun Yatsen Foundation’s Literary Awards. He held his last solo exhibition at the National Taiwan Arts Museum in 1970 and received national recognition. The National Museum of History in Taipei held a solo exhibition of his works that year in dedication of his life. In 2002, the National Palace Museum in Taipei held a grand memorial exhibition in celebration of his 100th birthday. The Taipei Culture Foundation commemorates Liao by annually awarding the Liao Jichun Oil Painting Award, a scholarships awarded to outstanding oil painters. Recent exhibition include: “Liao Chi Chun Classic Oil Painting Exhibition” (2015, Top Art, Taipei); “Liao Chi-Chun and Students Art Exhibition” (2016, Top Art, Taipei)

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