金潤作 CHIN ZUNTSO (1922-1983)

Chin Zun Tso was born in Tainan, Taiwan. At the age of 13 he followed his third uncle to Osaka. He was first enrolled in the Osaka Craft Technology School, and later transferred to the department of Graphic Desic in Osaka Art College in 1939. After he graduate, he became the apprentice for the famous Japanese artist Koiso Ryohei. In 1943, he returned to Taiwan and worked at a news agency next to Taiwanese artist Ran In Ting. He later took part in the Taiwanese Crafts Production Promotion Council, where he can contribute his expertise. In 1946, his painting “Roadside” won first prize in the First Provincial Art Exhibition. In 1948, he established the Cloud Painting Society with fellow artists. In 1949, he joined the Taiyang Fine Arts Association, in the same year he participated in the exhibition and was awarded with “excuse from examination.” In 1956 to 1963, he was the judge for the Provincial Art Exhibition, in 1964, he resigned the position to pursue his own artistic career. In 1968, due to a hurricane, he lost more than hundreds of paintings. In 1987, the National History Museum held “Chin Zun Tso Exhibition.” In 1994, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts held “Chin Zun Tso Retrospective Exhibition” in his honor.

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