張義雄 CHANG YIHSIUNG (1914-2016)

Chang Yihsiung was born in Jiayi, Taiwan. He received artistic training from artist Chen Cheng-Po since a young age. From 1928 to 1940 he studied in Japan, receiving twelve years of education from Ueno University of Fine Art, Kansai school of Fine Art, Tokyo Kawada Painting School and Tokyo School of Fine Arts. After graduation, he lived in Beijing for two and a half years, later returning to Taiwan after Retrocession. Since 1951, Chang Yihsiung has received awards from the Provincial Art Exhibition and The Chairman Awards for four consecutive years. In 1980s he moved to Paris where he resides till this day. Other than a three-time winner for the “Tai-Yang Art Exhibition”, Chang received invitation to the Spring Salon and was nominated for the Autumn Salon; furthermore, he was the first Taiwanese painter to receive Artist Annuity from the French Government. Moreover, he received the highest form of honor- ROC of Brilliant Star from the president of Taiwan. His artistic success is celebrated by the art field of French and Japan, and he is even recognized as the national treasure-level artist of Taiwan. His exhibitions includes: “Chang Yihsiung 80 Years Retrospective Exhibition” (1994, Taipei Fine Arts Museum), “Chang Yihsiung 90 Years Retrospective Exhibition” (2004, Taiwan National Museum of History); “The Sunday of Life: A Centennial Retrospective of Chang Yi-Hsiung” (2013, Taichung, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts); “Chang Yi-Hsiung 100 Years Special Exhibition” (2015, Taipei, Goethe Art Center); “Imagine Paris: Chang Yi-Hsiung Special Exhibition” (2016, Taipei, Wellington Collection Art Museum).  

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