居.巴赫東 GUY BARDONE (1927-2015)

Guy Bardone was born in the small town of Saint-Claude, situated in the Jura Mountains on the border between France and Switzerland. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in France and is known as a French contemporary figurative painter. Starting in 1952, he held numerous solo exhibitions in cities like Paris, London, and New York. In the same year, he received the Fénéon Prize. In 1957, he was honored with the Green Willow Award, becoming a member of the Salon de la Jeune Peinture (Salon of Young Painters) and was selected for the "Young Masters of Today" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He specialized in landscape painting, with his works characterized by bright and lively colors, a free and expressive painting style, a modern sensibility, and an enchanting charm.

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