巴勃羅.畢卡索 PABLO RUIZ PICASSO (1881-1973)

October 1881. He enrolled in the Haroun School of Fine Arts in Barcelona where his father was teaching. His works “Science and Charity” created in 1987, won the Honorary Award in Madrid National Art exhibition and later a Golden Award at the Malaga Contest. In 1900, Picasso first visited Paris and displayed extreme talent in pencil- sketching. From 1901-1904, he began his blue period creations, and in 1904 he immigrated to Paris and started his Rose period. In 1912, he collaborated with artist Braque in cutting paper fragments and later developed into Cubism. In 1930, Picasso started approach many different style of painting, emphasizing on lines and textures, with Julio González encouragements, he began creating metal sculptures. In 1937, Picasso created one of his most renowned work “Guernica” in response to the Civil War in Spain. Since 1954 he began to create variation of Delacroix’s “Algeria Woman” series. In 1959, he also created variation of Manet’s Lunch on the Grass. In 1963, he painted a series of “Painter and Models,” the same year the Picasso Museum opened in Barcelona. His exhibitions include “Grand Retrospective Exhibition of Picasso” (1966, Grand Place, Paris). He passed away in Mougins near Canners on April 8th, 1973, at the age of 92 years old.

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