六角彩子 AYAKO ROKKAKU (b.1982)

Born in Chiba, Japan, Ayako Rokkaku has never received any academic art education but learned to paint on her own. She started her career in painting in 2002. She applies acrylic paint on cardboard sheets with her bare hands. Adolescent children are the main subjects in her work, and are mostly illustrated from close-up. Rokkaku has won the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at Geisai #9. Her works appeared in many solo exhibitions like shows held by Gallery Delaive (2007, Holland); by Gallerie Moderne (2007, Denmark); by Galerie Teo (2007, Tokyo); by Gallerie Wild (2008, Germany); Juliana Gallery (2008, Korea). And she has joined several international art fairs such as "Art Cologne" (2007, Holland); "Shanghai Art Fair 2007"; "Art Singapore 2007"; "Art Fair Tokyo 2008"; "Art Amsterdam" (2008); "Art Taipei 2008."

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