方力鈞 FANG LIJUN (b.1963)

Born in Hebei, and graduated from China Central Academy of fina arts. Now live in Beijing. Group exhibitions: “The 6th National Art Exhibition, Guangzhou”, Canton, china, 1984; "China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”, National Art Museum, Bejing, China, 1989; “China’s New Art, Post-1989”hong kong, 1993; “Fourth Asian Art Show”, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan; “Open Boundary” The 48th Venice Biennale, Italy, 1999, etc. And Solo Exhibitions: “Fang Lijun” Galerie Bellefroid Paris, France, 1995, “Fang Lijun”,Netherlands and USA, 1988; “Fang Lijun”Singapore, 2000; "Fang Lijun, Asian Fine Arts", Germany, 2001; "Fang Lijun", Germany,2004.

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