王玉平 WANG YUPING (b.1962)

Born in Beijing, China, Wang entered the Ceramics Department of Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1983. In 1989, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has been teaching in the Oil Painting Department at the same school since graduation. His works were selected for participating in many exhibitions. Solo exhibitions: Art Works by Wang Yuping, National Art Gallery of China, Beijing, 1993; Fish, Vermont Studio Center Gallery, Vermont, U.S.A, 1996; With Birds and People, Beijing, 1999; Fishes, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, 2000; Solo Exhibition, New York, 2001; Yuping – Fish, Jeff Hsu Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2001; Wang Yuping, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, 2001; 2002 Peephole, Red Gate Gallery, 2003; Who Can Play With Me?, Red Gate Gallery, 2004; Wang Yuping Solo exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, 2005. Wang’s works are known for his gritty, comic book style portraits of urban life in China, and once were introduced to the American readers in the magazine of Art News. In 1993, Wang Yuping's personal catalogue was published in Taiwan.

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