王克平 WANG KEPING (b.1949)

Born in Beijing, China. He is one of the founders of the first non-conformist artist’s group “The Stars” (Xing Xing) which was formed in 1979 during the poet-cultural revolution “Beijing Spring”. He has been living in Paris since 1984. Wang’s creative language is plain and simple, he uses woods as materials, adapts their natural shapes to present the natural forms of human, however he also wanted it to be unnatural, therefore he pour his expressions into his works along with natural materials, and the result is amazing as if it came part of the natural world, the work itself explains all.

His works are collected by Villes de Paris, Paris, France; The Olympic Sculpture Park, Seoul, Korea; Modern Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan; and Aidekman Art Center, Boston. Solo exhibitions he held in New York, Paris, and London reflect his more serious and modest attitude ager his moving to Paris, he continues to have conversations with art traditions originated from different places, and he’s full of confidence and strength. 

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