王宏崢 WANG HONGZHENG (b.1971)

Born in Hebei, China. After graduating from Tianjin Normal University, he enrolled the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts for future study, and now is one of the members of Beijing Oil Painting Society. His painting skill is highly praised by Professor Doretta M. Miller of Skidmore College in New York. His artworks had been selected for many renowned group exhibitions in China and the United States, including “New Power - Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, 2007, China; “Today’s City, Beijing Oil Paintings Exhibition from Chinese Artists”, 2007, New York; “Academic Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting”, 2008, China and so on. Many academic journals had once published the reviews and critics of his artworks. World-renowned art institutions such as Gu Yang International Art Center and fine arts department of Skidmore College in New York have collected his artworks.

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