王易罡 WANG YIGANG (b.1961)

Wang Yi Gang was born in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang in 1961. He graduated from the Oil Painting department of Le Xun Academy of Fine Arts in China. He later served as curator at the Le Xuan Art Museum, and research member of the Chinese Academy of Art. In 1993 he won the academia award from the Chinese Oil Painting Biennial Exhibition and in 2007, he was awarded again for Outstanding Contribution by the American College of Asian Studies. His artwork is the result of his passion and concentration when he is completely indulged in the creative process of art; but it is his determination that fulfills the composition and visual sophistication of the image. His recent exhibitions include: “Forms of Formless- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2012, Germany, Karlsheft Art Center); “Voice of the Unseen Exhibition” (2013, Italy, Venice); “Anti-Abstract: A New Method Established by Description Process and Body – Painting Exhibition of Wang Yi Gang”(2016, Xi’an Museum of Arts); “Croire Ses Yeux” Wang Yi Gang (2016, Center Art Asia Paris); “Wang Yi Gang Abstract Exhibition” (2017, Seoul, SAI Gallery).

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