王攀元 WANG PANYOUN (1912-2017)

Wang Pan-Youn was born to a wealthy family in Xujiahong in northern Jiangsu. He graduated from Shanghai Training School of Fine Arts in 1936, having studied under Liu Hai-li, Pan Yuliang, and Pan Tian-shou. Ever since he came to Taiwan in 1949, life has been difficult. Nevertheless, Wang continued his journey in painting. Wang uses sensitive and delicate emotions to interpret simple subject matters in his works, and his brushworks reveal his compassion and reflection regarding the hardship in life, establishing his unique and refined style. Many of his works have been chosen to the collections of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Wang won the Golden Tripod Award by R.O.C Painting Association in 1983, and held major solo exhibitions at National Museum of History in Taipei in 1987, Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts in 1992, and retrospective exhibition at 90 years old in National Gallery, National Museum of History, in 2001. He has also published catalogue “In Pursuit of Solar Perfection: Paintings of Wang Pan-Youn a Self-Selection.” In 2002, he was awarded a metal in Fine Arts at the Fifth National Literary and Art Award. In June 2003, China Times published Wang’s biography “A Soul of Solitude” written by Lee Kuei-zhong.

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