王鏞 WANG YONG (b.1948)

Born in Beijing, Wang entered China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and became a graduate student under Professor Li Keran and Professor Liang Shunian. Wang focused on the areas of landscape painting, calligraphy, and seal-carving, under the guidance of Ye Qianyu and Liang Shunian. At the graduation exhibition by graduate students in 1981, Wang won the top prize of Ye Qianyu Prize, and became a member of the faculty. His works have been featured at numerous domestic and oversea exhibitions, and collected by many galleries and museums; Wang has also published a number of catalogues. Currently, Wang is a professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, a member of Chinese Artists Association, the Vice-Chairman of Oriental Arts Exchange Association, and editor-in-chief of Oriental Art – Calligraphy. As a contemporary artist with independent views and pioneering spirit, Wang has great achievements in calligraphy, painting, and seal-carving. His most recent exhibition: Exhibition of Wang Yong’s Recent Calligraphic Works (Jinan, Shandong, 2014)

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