付豫 FU YU (b.1982)

Fu Yu was born in 1982 in Sanxi. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Chengdu Art Academy in 2006, and received his M.F.A from the China Fine Arts Academy in 2009. Currently a professional artist, he participated in multiple international group exhibitions including: “Hangzhou Contemporary Art Fair” (Hangzhou, Hanmo Gallery); “Guangdong Young Artist Recommendation Exhibition” (2010, Guangdong, Jin Han Exhibition Center); “Green Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2009, Beijing, China International Trade Center); “Young Artist Oil Painting Exhibition” (2008, Hangzhou, World Art Lib); “The First Post 70’s Artist Invitation Exhibition” (2007, Hangzhou, Germany, Jin Cai Gallery, Germany and China Contemporary Gallery); “Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2005, Chengdu Art Academy). His works are currently in the collection of Chinese Contemporary Gallery, German Hongwan Art Museum, Beijing Wall Art Museum and more.


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