北川宏人 HIROTO KITAGAWA (b.1967)

Hiroto Kitagawa was born in 1967 in Otsu, Japan. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art majoring in Sculpture in 1989, and completed his sculpture degree in Acadamia Carrara, Italy in 1998. His works have been presented in numerous exhibition spaces such as the Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery (2003-2008 Osaka), Spazio Consolo (2002, Milan), Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery (2007, Tokyo), Tokyo Gallery (2008, Tokyo), Eslite Gallery (2009, Taipei). He has attended joint exhibitions including: "Alternative Paradise" (2005, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa), "Art Fair Tokyo" (2005-2010, Tokyo), "Japanese Anime" (2006, Tokyo Gallery), " Japanese Contemporary Art" (2007, Sun Contemporary Gallery, Seoul), "Works in Progress" (2007, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing), "Figurative: Personified Shapes" (2008, Tsukuba Museum, Ibaraki), "Milstones" (2008, Tokyo gallery, Beijing), "Collection II Shell- Shelter" (2008, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)


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