史晶 SHI JING (b.1971)

Born in Yunnan, Shi Jing graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Yunnan Arts University. He current lives and works in Beijing. Shi Jing’s works have been collected by Uli Sigg, a renowned collector of contemporary arts. Solo exhibition: 2011 “Existence in Blankness,” Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan; 2012 “The Remains of the Day,” OV Gallery, Shanghai; 2013 “Kuo Pu,” Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan. Group exhibition: 2009 “Textbook: Lively Chinese Paintings,” Li Space, Beijing, China; 2010 “Fugitive Visions: Paintings by Qiu Shihua and Shi Jing,” Chambers Fine Art, New York, U.S.A.; 2011 “Beyond Boundary,” Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan. 

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