田小赤 TIAN XIAOCHI (b.1966)

Tian was born in Jilin, China, and is also known as Yibu or Lianchi. He graduated from Jilin College of Arts, and taught at Affiliated Senior High School of Jilin College of Arts in 1996. Tian is a member of Jilin Province Artists Association. Tian began creative career in 1999, and now resides in Songzhuang Artists Village in Tongzhou District, Beijing. He has participated in numerous joint exhibitions and held many solo exhibitions, including National Fine Arts Exhibition (2002), Jilin Province Artists Exhibition (2003), Jilin Young Artists Exhibition (2004), “First Songzhuang Paintings Exhibition” (2006), Songzhuang Art Festival (2006), “Out of Songzhuang” Exhibition Tour (Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, 2007), and Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Arts (Beijing, 789 Art District). Tian also participated in Songzhuang Cultural and Art Festival “A Date in Songzhuang,” and “Contemporary Sounds” Five Artists Joint Exhibition. He held “Course of Contemporary Ink Painting” Solo Exhibition (Rebueno Gallery, Beijing), and “Artist Exchange—Yibu Solo Ink Painting Exhibition” (Australia, 2008). He partook in “Friends – Thickness” Joint Exhibition (A-District Art Center, Beijing). He held “The Look Comes from Within” Solo Exhibition (Gallery Lin Ya Xuan, Beijing) in 2009. Tian believes that “Love is the original motivation of artists, and the foundation of art.

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