陳景容 CHEN CHINGJUNG (b.1934)

Born in Changhua, Taiwan, Chen graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan Normal University and he continued further study in Japan. In 1960 he graduated from Japan Musashino University, Tokyo with a master’s degree. After his returning to Taiwan in 1977-1996, he became the chairman of the Fine Art Department for the National Academy of Arts. He was a four-time winner of the Wenxin Award, Wusanlian Foundation Award and Chinese Art Society Award. Later, he was even selected as a candidate on the jury committee for the National Art Exhibition. He published a total of 28 art related books. Important exhibitions include: “Chinese Art Society Modern Art Exhibition” (1975, Paris France); “Salon d'Automne Exhibition” (1988, Paris, France); "Being and Images: 40 Years of Chen Ching-Jung's Vision" (1997, Taiwan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum); “Taiwanese Artist Association: S.N.B.A Group Exhibition” (2003, France, Louvre); “Chen Ching-Jung Solo Exhibition” (2006, Taiwan, National Museum of History); “50 years of Chen Ching-Jung's Retrospective Exhibition” (2009, Taiwan,  National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall); “Chen Ching-Jung’s 80 years Retrospective Exhibition”(2015, Taiwan, Taichung City Seaport Art Center); “Cheng Ching-Jung Solo Exhibition” (2016, Taipei, Cultural Halls). “Quiet Monologue: Chen Ching Jung Solo Painting Exhibition” (2017, Landmark Hotel Museum). 

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