石磊 SHI LEI (b.1961)

Shi Lei was born in Shandong, China. He graduated from the Fine Arts department of Hebei Normal University in 1985. He used to work for the Shi Jia Chuang Mural and Sculpture Research Institute. After receiving his Master’s degree from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 1991, he began to teach at the institute from 1995 until present day. Shi Lei often finds inspirations from everyday life, and from people of all social hierarchy. He sensitively illustrates his topic with dramatic and virtual exaggeration to bring new life to his subject. His recent exhibitions includes: “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2005, Dusseldorf, Germany); “Guanzhou Triennial” (2006, Guangzhou, China); “Shi Lei Solo Art Exhibition” (2007, Hong Kong); “Academia – Shanghai Youth Oil Painting Recommendation Exhibition” (2010, Shanghai, Top Art Gallery); “Hidden Dialogue- Shi Lei Exhibition” (2011, Guanzhou, China); “The Fundamentals – Shi Lei Works on Paper” (2015, Guanzhou, Redtory).

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