任思鴻 REN SIHONG (b.1967)

Born in Hebei Province in 1967, in 1991, Ren graduated from the Hebei Teacher’s University with major in Oil Painting, and then studied the art teacher program at Central Academy of Fine Arts, China in 1991. Between 1994 and 1995, he resides at Yuan Ming Yuan village as a freelance artist. In 2000, he established his own art company, Tian Zhong Ji Rei Art Ltd, but ended up returning to his path of freelance artist in 2005, now lives and works in Beijing. In 1995, his work are selected in the 3rd "China Oild Paintings Exhibition." Since then, he has participated in several exhibitions including the Sculpture Exhibition in Tianjin(2005), “Beijing Artistic Literature Exhibition” in Beijing(2005) and “Made in China” Exhibition in Italy (2006) etc.

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