任哲 REN ZHE (b.1983)

Ren Zhe was born in Beijing, he received his Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, and later completed his Masters in the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, in 2005. Ren won Third Prize at the “Ikuo Hirayama” Award in Japan in 2003, Third Prize at the “National Urban Sculpture Design Competition” in Taizhou in 2005, Gold Medal at the “First Sculpture Exhibition of Zhengzhou International Sculpture Biennale” in 2006, and Grand Prize at the “Third Saint Angelo Shiny Artist in Spatial Art” in 2011. His sculpture “Olympic Warrior” was part of the exhibition tour of 2008 Beijing Games; in the same year, he was invite to Art Stage Singapore, Beijing International Art Expo, and Shanghai Art Fair. His works are collected by government agencies, academic institutes, galleries, and major domestic and international collectors. Recent solo exhibitions include: “Garnering the Essence” Ren Zhe Asian Exhibition Tour (2011, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong), and “Ren Zhe: Above Clouds” Solo Exhibition Tour (2013, Singapore).

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