向京 XIANG JING (b.1968)

Born in Beijing, China. Graduated in 1995 from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her graduation portfolio Amulet had won the 1st prize from Central Academy of Fine Art graduation portfolio exhibition and also from Japan Matsuoka Foundation, her work has been collected by Central Academy of Fine Art. In the same year, she participated the exhibition of Chinese Female Artists held my China National Museum of Art, also the "Century: A Female Art Exhibition" and "Subaudition: An Art Exhibition" at the same place in 1998. The next year, she participated the 2nd "Artistic tour before the end of the century" exhibition held by The New Dimension–he Only Place for Art, her work was chosen by the 9th "National Art Exhibition" and had won the award of excellence.  Many of her works are collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China and overseas art institutions.

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