安卓 ENDRO (b.1983)

Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 1998-2001 Endro was an active member of the contemporary art scene in Yogyakarta. He studied in Indonesian Institute of the Arts in 2001, and later devoted his life the artist path. Recent exhibitions include: "LIFE IS AMAZING" (2011, Green Art Space); “BAZAAR ART FAIR” (2011, Pacific Palace, Jakarta, Indonesia). “Colors of Love” Solo Exhibition (2014, Art Front Gallery); “2014 Singapore Art Fair” (2014, Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center); “Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair” (2014-2015, Taipei Sheraton Hotel, Taiwan); “Art Expo Malaysia” (2015, Maytrade Exhibition and Convention Center, Malaysia); “Affordable Art Fair” (2015-2016, F1 Pit Building, Singapore); (2016, Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center).

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