朴民俊 PARK MINJOON (b.1971)

Born in Korea. He received the B.F.A. and M.F.A. Painting degree from the Hoingik University in Seoul, Korea, and then completed the research course of Oil Painting Meterials and Techniques Dept in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. He has been awarded the Korean Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund by The Arts Council Korea. Since 1998, Park Min Joon has participated in several group exhibitions more than ten times and has been paid much attention by private collectors throughout the world. His recent solo exhibitions include:” Lowering my self-esteem is calmness”, 2003, Gallery Sun & Moon, Seoul, Korea; “Song of the Saza”, 2005, dooArt Gallery, Seoul, Korea; “Happiness, Happiness, Happiness”, 2006, Noam Gallery, Seoul, Korea; “Carnevale”, 2009, Art New York, New York, USA. Group exhibitions records: “New Image Painting”, 2003, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea; “A Slice of Contemporary Art”, 2003, LMC Gallery, Ilsan, Korea; “Young Realism”, 2004, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea; “Brush Hour”, 2005, Ieum Gallery, Beijing, China; “Korean Young Artist I : After The Pictorial Turn”, 2008, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

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