江隆芳 CHIANG LONGFANG (b.1950)

Born in Miaoli County, Taiwan, has shown interest in painting and clay craft in an early age. However, the chances of receiving training in art were greatly diminished by the limited resources in his childhood. Until 1970 when he enrolled in National Taiwan Normal University Art College then he began receiving formal art training. Greatly inspired by western painting, he showed great interest in expressionism and fauvism. Taught by Liao Chi Chun, Chen Hui Kun, Guo Ren, Liao Xiu Ping and Wang Xiu Xiong, he travelled to ﹝Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre to advance his studies and devoted years into art. His main exhibitions include “Modern Painting Exhibition” (Brussels, Belgium, 1983), “The Belgium Modern Art Exhibition Confrontation 1984” (Brussels, Belgium, 1983), “Modern Painting New Exhibition” (Taipei, Taiwan, the Taipei Art Museum, 1986), “The 23rd Asia Modern Art Exhibition” (Tokyo Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 1987), “From the mind to the object- Four artists co-exhibition” (Dimensions Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 1992), “The Attack of the Third Wave- The Rise of the New Generation” (Gallery Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan, 1992(, “Jiang Long Fang Oil Painting Exhibition” (Hsinchu Cultural Center, Miaoli County Cultural Center, Taoyuan County Cultural Center, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, 1994)

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