何紹基 HE SHAOJI (1799-1873)

Born in Hunan, China. He was a Presented Scholar in the 16th year(1836) of the reign of Emperor Daoguang of Qing Dynasty, and used to be a Director of Studies in Sichuan. He Shaoji was very knowledgeable and versatile, and produced many works. He was accomplished in different styles of writing and could create new styles from traditional ones. He was a master who had outstanding achievements in the history of Chinese calligraphy. He learned from a copybook at the beginning and got inspiration from North Steles. His very characteristic running-cursive script involves seal characters which were learned from North Steles. His seal and clerical scrip has brought new energy into Stele calligraphy. His handwriting mixed running script, cursive script, seal scrip and clerical scrip harmoniously with thick and heavy features, and thus stood out in the handwriting of the later Qing Dynasty.

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