吳昌碩 WU CHANGSHUO (1844-1927)

Born in  Zhejian, China. Wu is Late Qing Dynasty Shanghai's style with Syu Yu, Pu Hua and Ren Bo Nian. Wu is modern China's outstanding artist. He was the leader of painting and seal in Shanghai. His father taught he to engrave seal because he is fond of it. On this account he was good at stone carving and became the first president of Xiling Seal Engrave. Started painting about 30 years old, he took advantage of various group such as seal script used throughout the pre-Han period, clerical script, wild cursive and added the lines to the painting. Wu is good at writing early form of Chinese characters inscribed in stone, a precursor of the small seal. His works focused on the overall, advocating momentum. He had special skills such as movement of pen, inscription and seals art that all had good composition. His art infected Japan and China. Wu's painting, calligraphy and engraving seal's works were published to several books. His works were collected in The Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum, National Art Museum of China and so on.

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