洪瑞麟 HUNG JUILIN (1912-1996)

Hung Jui-Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He enrolled in Kinichiro Ishikawa and Ni Jiang-Huai’s Painting Research Group in Taiwan in 1927. With the encouragements from artist Chen Chih-Chi he decided to travel to Japan in 1930 and enrolled in Kawabata Academy of Painting. In 1931 he successfully entered the Imperial Fine Arts School in Tokyo. In 1938, he found a job at the Jui-Fang Coal Mining Company, he remained at the company until retirement. Miners became an inspiration in his art and a subject he often returns to; thus, he was later known as the “Miners Painter.” In 1939, his work “Working in Mine” was nominated in 1954 by the Era of Fine Arts Association. Throughout his life, he contributed to many non-mainstream art activities and events. He moved to the United States in 1980, and often traveled across Europe to sketch. In 1987, he established his own art studio. He passed away in December, 1996. Important exhibitions include: “The Tone of His Homeland- Hung Jui-Lin Exhibition” (1997, National Museum of History); “Happy Travel in Taiwan” (2011, Taipei, Liang Gallery); “Hung Jui-Lin, the Mining Painter’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition” (2012, Taipei, Apollo Art Gallery).

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