吳建軍 WU JIANJUN (b.1966)

Born in Sichuan Province, China and graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1990. The recent solo exhibition included: “Body Pattern ”, 2006, Beijing,China, F.Fine Gallery; “Metamorphosis - Wu Jianjun Oil Painting Exhibition”, 2008, Singapore, Linda Gallery; “Posture - Wu Jianjun Oil Painting Exhibition”, 2009, Beijing,China, F.Fine Gallery. He also joined many group exhibitions around the world: “18 Contemporary Artists “Living In Chengdu””, 2005, Singapore, Soobin Art Gallery; “Sensus Communis-Korea,China,Japan Fine Art Exhibition”, 2005, Korea; “Winter'05”, 2005, London,England, Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery; “China International Gallery Exposition”, 2006, Beijing,China; “Art Verona '06”, 2006, Verona, Italy; “Guiyang Art Biennale Exhibit 3th”, 2007, Guiyang,China, Guiyang Art Museum; “Treatment GuaSha”, 2007, Chengdu,China, Artistic Conception Museum; “China Now Now”, 2007, Amsterdam,Holland, Canvas International Art; “Art Rotterdam”, 2008, Rotterdam,Holland; “The Sichuan Movement ”, 2008, Museum Nasional Indonesia,Jakarta, Indonesia; Linda Gallery, Singapore.

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