吳炫三 WU ASUN (b.1942)

Born in Yilan, Taiwan, Wu Asun graduated from National Taiwan Normal University majoring in fine arts. He is renowned in Taiwan as a painter, sculptor, who portraits art in figurative abstracts. He was an apprentice of Taiwanese artists such as Liao Chichun, Chen Jinghuei, and Lee Shihchiao. He has traveled to numerous countries, documenting some of the unexploited areas with his paintbrushes. His works had been exhibited throughout the world. He had also published “The Image of Man in Africa”, “A-Sun Wu, Vie et Oeuvre”, “Legends of the Original World”, “Legends of the South Pacific”, “Miles of Dust and Sand”. Wu Asun received “Taiwanese Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards”, “Wu Sanlien Literary Award”, “Sun Yatsun Literary Award”, “National Literary Awards”, and “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres”. Currently living in Paris, he continues to get inspired by original art and abstract figures. Everyday he looks for more possibilities within painting. The optimistic and endless search for improvement had shaped up his unique personality to never give up. 

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