吳學讓 WU HSUEHJANG (1924-2013)

Born in Sichuan, China. He graduated from National Hangzhou Academic of Arts in 1984, and was taught by renowned Chinese painters Lin Fengmian、Pan Tianshou、Li Keran and more. As a well known Contemporary ink painter and art educator, Wu currently resides in California, USA. He received first place in painting competition held by both ROC Chinese Painting Association in 1984, and Chinese Writer’s and Artist’ Association in 1985. Scholar Chiang Hsun even gave Wu the honorary title of “Pioneer of the Modern Chinese Painting.” Along with Liu Kuo Song and other artist they founded the Modern Ink Painting Society. He held his first solo exhibition in the United States at the Florida National Gallery in 1970. Other important solo exhibitions include: “From Tradition to Modern – Wu Hsueh Jang Ink Painting Exhibition” (1996, Taichung, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts); “Journey of Native Land through Dreams- A Retrospective of Wu Hsueh Jang at the age of Eightieth” (2004, Taipei, National Museum of History); “Wu Hsueh Jang Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition” (2010, China, Liu Haisu Art Gallery); “Wu Hsueh Jang Solo Exhibition” (2010, USA, Cerritos Public Library); “A Memorial Exhibition of Wu Hsueh Jang Paintings and Calligraphy” (2015, Taipei, National Museum of History); “Linearity, Symbols, Eastern Geometry: Wu Hsueh Jang Art Exhibition” (2017, Taichung, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts).


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