呂榮琛 LU RONGCHEN (b.1963)

Lu Rong-Chen was born in Pintung, Taiwan, he established his work studio in 1985, before graduating from Chinese Culture University in 1987 with a Fine Arts degree. In 1990, he travelled to Paris and worked as a professional art dealer, curator and artist. His first solo exhibition was held at BOULAKIA RIVE DROITE gallery in Paris in 1993. His recent exhibitions include: “Lu Rongchen 2013 Solo Exhibition” (2013, Kaohsiung, Lotus Art Gallery); “Lu Rongchen Solo Exhibition”(2015, Kaohsiung, J.P. Art Center); “Spiritual Dreamlands: Lu Rongchen collection exhibition” (2015, Taipei, Capital Art Center); “Lu Rongchen Collection Exhibition” (2015, Taichung, JSL 333 Art Gallery); “Psalmody of Light: Rong Chen Lu” (2016, Taichung, JSL 333 Art Gallery) ; “The Joy of Light: Rong Chen Lu” (2018, Taichung, JSL 333 Art Gallery).

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