呂鐵州 LU TIEH CHOU (1899-1942)

Lu Tieh-Chou was born in Daxi, Taoyuan, Taiwan. He was the eldest son of local gentry Lu Ying-Yang. Lu received traditional Chinese education in literature and art from an early age, and therefore his first passion was to study traditional Chinese literati painting. Lu entered Daxi Public School in 1907, and the Woodcraft Department, Industrial Training Institute under the Taiwan Governor-General Office in 1913; however, due to health issues, Lu did not graduate. Lu was not selected to the 1928 Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition, and later he went to study painting in Japan. Lu entered the Kyoto City Painting School, and was influenced by the realistic style in the Kyoto region. Later, Lu frequently won prizes at the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition, becoming Taiwan’s brightest star of bird-and-flower painting in the 1930s. His students came from all over Taiwan, and had all achieved great successes at the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition, forming a force of Lu Tieh-Chou’s bird-and-flower painting. In 1942, Lu Tieh-Chou died from cardio arrest working on a painting for the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition at the age of 44.

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