李永斌 LI YONGBIN (b.1963)

Born in Beijing, China, Li is a successful self-study artist who never received the formal training of painting. He started the experiment of video art in 1995, and since then, the artist has made the two concepts - time’s continuity and artist’s body - penetrated successively in his own art works. There has been morn than 10 series works which call “FACE” that were created based on that idea. Now he lives and works in Beijing. Solo exhibition: “Life Testimony” in his residence at Tuanjiehu of Beijing, 1994; “Video Art By Li Yongbin”, Gallery of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, 1996; “Li Yongbin Video Works”, Palais des Beaux-arts, Brussels, Belgium, 2000; “Li Yongbin Faces”, JGM Gallery, France, Paris, 2004; “Li Yongbin Faces” in Le Granit, Belfort, France, 2004.

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