李仲生 LI ZHONGSHENG (1912-1984)

Born in Guangdong, China, Li graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the University of Tokyo, where he focused on studies of Western paintings. Li joined a progressive art group in Tokyo called the "Black Western Painting Society" in 1935. In the same year, he compiled and written the "The Paintings In the 20th Century". In 1945, he participated in a group show titled “the Modern Painting Exhibition” in Chongqin province, along with artists like Zao Wou-Ki, Guan Liang, Ding Yanyong, Lin Fengmian and Pan Xunqin. He later taught at the National Chongqing Art College and the Guangzhou Municipal Art College. After moving to Taiwan in 1949, he taught at the Second Municipal Girls’ Senior High School and the Changhuo Girl’s Senior High School. He also founded the "Progressive Art Research Group" in 1951 in Taipei, where his student founded the "Ton Fan Group" in 1957. Li Zhongsheng’s Important exhibitions include: "China Modern Art Exhibition" (1965, Italy); “Li Zhongsheng Solo Exhibition” (1979, Taipei, Taiwan) and “Li Zhongsheng Remembrance Exhibition” (1984, Taipei Fine Arts Museum). After the passing of Li, his students from the past founded the “Li Zhongsheng Foundation for the Culture and Education of Modern Arts“, where they actively promote and assist the development of Modern Arts in Taiwan.

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