李邦耀 LI BANGYAO (b.1954)

Li Bang Yao was born in Hubei, China. After graduating from Hubei Institutes of Fine Arts, he became an associate professor in the Fine Arts department at the South China Normal University. He was also a member of the Chinese Artist Association. His artistic style is deeply influenced by the American Pop Art Movement. In 1980s, he became a member of the Hubei Art Group “Tribe Tribe” and participated in the 85 New Art Movement. In 1992, during the rise of consumerism in China, Li Bang Yao created his signature work titled “Product Trusts,” and led to a series of work that examines consumer culture. His solo exhibitions include: “Li Bangyao: Origin of Species” (2008, Hong Kong); “Archaeology Images: Li Bangyao” (2008, Beijing); “Li Bangyao Exhibition” (2011, Guangzhou). Group exhibition: “Ink not Ink- Chinese Contemporary Ink Invitation Exhibition” (2008, Shenzhen), “History of Images- 2009 Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition” (2009, Shenzhen), “Retrospect and Prospect- Hubei Oil Painting Exhibition” (2011, Wuhan); “Social Landscape: Suzhou First Biennial” (2012, Suzhou Barcelona Museum of Arts, China); “Contemporary Art in China 1990-2012” (2013, Berlin, Germany); “Looking- Zhongyi Contemporary Art” (2013, Venice, Italy).  

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