李尚學 LI SHANGXUE (b.1961)

Born in Taichung Taiwan and studied at the Republic of China Military Academy. Early interests in paintings since he was a teenager until today from 1978, he practiced by copying famous masterpieces such as Liu Gong Quan, Yan Zhen Qing and calligraphy of the Sui and Qing dynasties. Inspired by Yan Wen Zhan and began seal carving in 1982. Later he indulged himself in calligraphy and clerical script of the Bei Wei and Tang dynasties and began practicing cursive calligraphy with Zhuang Guang Ri in 2009. He was a council of seal carving association of Kaohsiung for years since 1998. His major exhibitions included “Kaohsiung painting association art season- seal carving exhibition’ (2000), “Kaohsiung Artist co-exhibition” (2001, 2003), ‘Seal Carving calligraphy and the five treasures of Calligraphy exhibition” (Kaohsiung Cultural Center, 2003), “Seal Carving and Seal Stone Exhibition” (Kaohsiung, 2006), “Co-exhibition of calligraphy and carving, Han Mo Xiu and Jin Shi Qing” (Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Jeju, Korea, 2007).

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