李真 LI CHEN (b.1963)

Born in Yunlin, Taiwan, Li Chen began his artistic journey by crafting traditional Buddhist sculptures with a distinctive touch. As he progressed, Li Chen delved into self-reflection, exploring Buddhist and Daoist classics while integrating contemporary thought into his sculptural work. He introduced innovative breakthroughs in his creations, using the weightiness of ink and material to convey a unique sense of "both heavy and light." This combination showcases a dual character that is both classical and modern.


Li Chen has held numerous solo exhibitions, including "New Oriental Spirit" in Beijing in 2008, "Li Chen: Spirit, Body, Soul" at the National Museum of Singapore in 2009, and "Luminous Moon - 'Skylight'" at the Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art Exhibition in 2010. In 2011, he held his first large-scale sculpture exhibition titled "Atmosphere: Li Chen's First Exhibition of Large Sculptures" at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. His work was also featured in "Nature's Way: The Modern and the Ancient" at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle in 2012 and "Li Chen's 2013 Paris Place Vendôme Large-Scale Sculpture Solo Exhibition" in Paris. In 2014, his work was part of the "Chinese Art Diary: Li Chen Document Exhibition" in Taipei and the "Wandering Without Purpose - Li Chen Solo Exhibition" in Beijing at the Asia Art Center.


Subsequent exhibitions include "A Journey Through Volition and Involition - Li Chen Solo Exhibition" in Taipei in 2017, "From Ancient Times to Modern Days - Li Chen Solo Exhibition" in China at the Asia Art Center in 2018, "Blue Smoke - New Works by Li Chen" in China at the Asia Art Center in 2019, and "Elegance Amid Contradictions - Atmosphere and the Manifestation of the Present" at the Asia Art Center in Taipei in 2023.

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