李梅樹 LI MEISHU (1902-1983)

Born in Sanhsia, Taiwan, Li Graduated from Taipei Teacher's College and teaching in Reifang Public School in 1922, and then was admitted to the Western Painting Department of Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1929. After returning to Taiwan, he founded the Taiyang Fine Arts Association in 1934 and the China Oil Painting Association in 1974 with a group of artists. From 1927, Liu’s works were constantly selected to Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, and even won an award in the 1935. He was a professor for many years at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts, Chinese Culture University and National Taiwan Normal University. He died in 1983, and his memorial museum was established and opened in 1990 in Sanhsia. Li Meishu devoted himself to the arts creation and arts education in his whole life, and is the master and the active promoter of Taiwan art scene. 

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