李善陽 LI SHANYANG (b.1965)

Born in Mou Ping County in Shan Dong Province, China, Li Shan Yang graduated from the art department of the Qu Fu Normal University in 1988 and graduate school of Fine Arts College of Guangzhou University in July of 1993. Later, he was admitted to the oil painting department of China Central Academy and graduated in 2005. He published “The Art Theory of Frankfurt School” in 1997 and “The Art Theory of Ardorno” in 1988 in the Qilu journal. He was awarded second place with “Festival” at the National Youth Artwork Exhibition in 1999, and nominated in the 10th National Art Exhibition with “Three Sisters” in 2004. He participated in the Graduate Exhibition of Central Art Academy with “The Last Subway”, “Winter”, “Body” and “Standing of Nude” in 2005; among those “Standing of Nude” was collected by the Central Art Academy. He published “The Collection of Li Shan-Yang” in 2005. He participated in “Merge & Innovation — China Renowned Oil Painting Artists Invitational Exhibition” with “On the Way” in 2007. He was nominated in “ the 11th National Art Exhibition” with “Riverside” in 2009. He participated in the Xinjiang Oil Painting Exhibition with “Afternoon" and "The Distance” in 2012; and nominated in “the 10th Chinese Art Festival Art Exhibition” with “Sun” in 2013.

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