李登勝 LI DENGSHENG (b.1954)

Also called Yu Yonghou, Li Dengsheng was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Applying his skills of Chinese calligraphy to mural arts, he fused traditional calligraphy with religious artwork. In 1975, he encountered master Ben Hui who imparted the knowledge of portrait painting, allowing him to grasp onto characters’ deeper grace and charm. At the same time he acquired skills from the widely renowned ink painter, Lee Chimao. In 1981, he studied abroad in Japan where he was soon hired to work on a large size mural. In 1986, he received an art degree at the University of Tokyo Charter. He has held solo exhibitions in locations such as the National Museum of China, Shizuoka Provincial Hall, and Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. One after another, his works were collected by the Soong Ching-ling Memorial Residence, Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, National Museum of History, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and more. His original style of traditional character drawings has earned various international art awards. Japanese government had honored his paintings as one of the valuable cultural assets. Li Dengsheng is especially noted for his paintings of Bodhidharma, Zhongkui, and many refined scholars. Aichi prefecture in Japan funded the Li Dengsheng Museum dedicated to him. His ink paintings have received Asian Gold Award from the Louvre International Art Show. In 2014, his works were in display at the Louvre Museum, where he received Recognition of International Artists and a bronze medal in the International Ink Painting Division. The magnificent works have soon got appreciated by worldwide.

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