李貴男 LI GUINAN (b.1965)

Li Gui Nan was born in 1965, he graduated from Minzu University of China in 1992, specializing in oil painting. He later completed his post graduate degree also in oil painting at the same school and eventually began to teach at the school in the Department of Arts. He is currently the dean of the Department of Oil Painting, member of the Oil Painters Association, China, and member of the Minority Artists Society of China. In 1992, Li participated in the “Teacher-Student Joint Exhibition of Minzu University of China,” and won the Excellence Award for his work “At the Foot of the White Mountain.” He participated in the “First Chinese Minorities Hundred Flowers Award Art Exhibition” in 1994, and won Bronze Prize. In 1996, Li won Bronze again at the “Third Chinese Minorities Hundred Flowers Award Art Exhibition.” In 1998, he held “Li Gui Nan Oil Painting Solo Exhibition.” His works are frequently published on domestic and overseas publications, and often organizes exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

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