李澤藩 LEE TZEFAN (1907-1989)

Born in HsinChu, Taiwan. Mr.Lee's initation to art was by Mr. Ishikawa Kinichiro when he studied in Taipei Normal School, and had been assiduously creating the paintings since then. After graduating from the Normal School, he taught successively at Hsinchu First Public School, Hsinchu Teachers College, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Teachers Research Association and National Art Institute. Throughout his career, he was both an ardent art educator as well as a devoted practicing artist. Mr. Lee won many prizes and awards from the period of Japanese colonial and after the war. He held several solo exhibitions and adjudicated various official exhibitions. His achievements earned him the Golden Cup Prize from the Artists Association of Republic of China in 1974, and was elected to Ten Outstanding Taiwanese Artists by Council for Cultural Planning and Development in 1983.

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