李錫奇 LEE SHICHI (1938-2019)

Born in Quemoy, Taiwan, Lee Shichi studied in Taipei Municipal University of Education in 1955. Between the years of 1957 and 1958, Lee's artworks were selected both in the Students' Art Exhibition sponsored by the Education Council and in the Free China Art Exhibition organized by Tie-Hua Ho and the others who promoted "New Painting."  And organized the East Painting Society in 1963. Switzerland invited him to hold a personal exhibition in 2004. Solo exhibitions: “The Ten Aspects of My Artistic Life individual exhibition”, Taiwan National Museum of History, Taipei, 2002; “70. orientation. Lee Shi-Chi : Modern Art in Taiwan Through The Past 50 Years”, National Dr, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2006; “Orientation.Tempered.Edge.Lee Shi-Chi.” Guangdong Meseum Of Art, China, 2009.


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